Lloyd Irvin Biography

 Early Life
Lloyd Irvin was introduced to martial arts when he was just three years old. He was always inspired by his Grandfather’s idea to earn money by working for yourself. During his early days at school, he started taking part in physical sports such as wrestling. His strong physical build allowed him to continue his passion throughout his school life. When Irvin went to graduate school at Bowie State University, he developed an interest in more traditional sports such as football, earning himself a scholarship to play for his college football team. He majored in marketing, and it was in the later years while watching a UFC fight on TV that he developed an interest in martial arts again. From there on, there was no turning back, and Lloyd Irvin became one of most successful figures in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu History.

Struggle for the sport
While trying to pursue his passion, Lloyd moved to California. However exorbitant training fees forced him back to his native state where he met a man who would later help him change his life forever. Brian Welsh used to practice BJJ with his friends twice a week and asked Lloyd Irvin to join the group. Working with Brian, Lloyd Irvin was able to find his way into a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym in Rockville, Maryland and started training under Mario Yamasaki and Leo Dalla, the two great legends of BJJ. With great mentorship and an observant eye, Lloyd Irvin was able to earn his Blue belt in the first month of training. Soon after, Leo Dalla left for his hometown in Brazil and Lloyd started training himself. With so much passion for the sports Lloyd worked hard and started his training group which would, later on, help in lifting the game of some of the most successful fighters in BJJ history.

 Martial Arts Expert
Lloyd Irvin traveled to Brazil to gain his Black belt by the hands of his mentor Leo Dalla. In this process, he became one of the only three non-Brazilians in the history to earn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt in Brazil. Owing to his strong built, great training and effective techniques, Lloyd Irvin went on to claim some of the most prestigious titles in martial arts including U.S. National Judo Champion, Combat Sambo Champion, G.A.M.E. Lightweight champion and many others.

Lloyd Irvin is a 1s5t Degree Judo Black belt, 5th-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 2nd Degree Combat Sambo Black belt. His famous technique ‘leg lock’ was so popular that three times Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Fabio Gurgel named him as ‘The King of Leg Locks.’ Lloyd focused so much energy on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that he was able to earn his Black belt after three days of earning his brown belt. His story of success and hard work has also received recognition in the media, e.g., the world-renowned Gracie Magazine in Brazil.

In 2008, two armed men intruded Lloyd Irvin’s house and kept his family hostage while trying to rob the house. Lloyd Irvin was present at that time and used his martial art skills to subdue one of the assailants while the other fled away.

Mentor and a Coach
Soon after developing expertise in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Lloyd started doing training sessions at the gym. With hard work, dedication and great aptitude he mentored some of the most successful fighters in BJJ history including JT Torres, Ryan Hall, and Mike Flower. Having earned a marketing degree from the graduate school, Lloyd decided to take his mentoring sessions to the next level. He started conducting one-day seminars for business owners to help them introduce best practices at their training institutes. On the very first day, he spoke for 14 hours, and many who attended were convinced to join his coaching group for business owners by paying a reasonable fee. What happened next changed the BJJ industry forever. Lloyd Irvin published all his learnings into a martial arts guide – “The Grappling Blueprint.” Many business owners were able to raise their revenue and enhance their lifestyles using his coaching materials.

Lloyd was recognized as the Judo International coach of the year in 2002 and has successfully trained some of the elite armed forces in the United States including Navy Seals, Secret Service, FBI, and SWAT to name a few. Lloyd claims that he puts the same amount of effort in training his students that he wouldto train himself.

Brand Ambassador and a successful entrepreneur
Lloyd Irvin has successfully used what he learned at the graduate school and what he learned from his martial arts mentors to develop some of the most successful martial arts promotions in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu history. Many suggested that Lloyd was to American to keep the traditions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu alive in the United States. Contrary to their belief Lloyd was able to maintain high standards of the sports and built a successful multi-million-dollar business out of the sport. Using his name as an authority in martial arts, he has been able to build one of the most successful brands in the sports today.

Lloyd owes his success to creative ideas that are generated by him and his team to promote the business. He has been the first one in the industry to use Direct as well as Internet-based marketing to attract clients from all over the globe. His internet marketing campaigns have allowed him to earn six-figure incomes in a single day. According to him, entrepreneurs should strive every day to come up with ideas that will make their business better than ever before.

Lloyd Irvan is one of the greatest martial arts professionals the sports has ever produced. He has done justice to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by facilitating and mentoring professionals and business owners alike. It helped them become successful in their fields and change their lives. The best part about his personality is his humble attitude, which has earned him great honors in mixed martial arts.